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Different companies, product teams, and people will have a different process to create a seamless transition from product to engineering. At Manifold, we’ve iterated toward a process that keeps design and engineering aligned with product and has increased our velocity in being able to ship product.

One Product Development Cycle at Manifold

Let’s take a look at a typical agile cycle of product development.

Expected cycle:

The steps are clear and linear. As product people you know we always start with the customer, that’s either through customer interviews, support teams, funnel data, etc. Those insights turn into the problems product defines for design. Designers are here to solve those problems in an elegant and beautiful way. Then those wonderful designs get handed off to engineering and finally out the door,

🎉 Woo! 🎉

Except that’s not actually what happens. Here’s what the actual cycle looks like:

Brian Jeffcock